HKDSE History歷史 兩次大戰論述題題目參考

August 27, 2015

HKDSE History歷史 兩次大戰論述題題目參考


1.          評估民族主義在導致第一次大戰爆發一事上相對於其他因素的重要性。


Assess the importance of nationalism relative to other factors in leading to the First World War.


2.          評估巴黎和會 (1919-23) 在導致二次世界大戰爆發一事上相對於其他因素的重要性。


Assess the importance of Paris Peace Conference relative to other factors in leading to the First World War.


3.          巴黎和會對促進世界和平與合作有多大成效?


How successful was the Paris Peace Conference in promoting world peace and cooperation?


4.          「希特拉的才能是導致納粹主義興起最重要的成因。」你是否同意?試解釋你的答案。


Hitler’s abilities is the most important factor in leading to the rise of Nazism.' Do you agree? Explain your answer.


5.          比較納粹主義和法西斯主義的特色。


Compare the characteristics of Nazism and Fascism.


6.          比較一次大戰及二次大戰的影響。


Compare the effects of The First World War and The Second World War.


7.          為什麼第二次世界大戰 (1939-1945) 發生於1939年而非之前?


Why the Second World War broke out in 1939 but not before?


8.          「第二次世界大戰 (1939-1945) 是無可避免的。」試評論此說能否成立。


'The Second World War is unavoidable.' Comment on the validity of this statement.


9.          為何極權主義在德國及意大利出現,卻沒有在英國及法國出現?


10.      「英國及法國的綏靖政策旨在維持世界和平;不幸地,它成為另一場世界大戰的重要成因。」你是否同意?試解釋你的答案。


'The appeasement policy was meant to preserve peace; unfortunately, it became an important factor that caused another world war.' Do you agree? Explain your answer.


11.      二次大戰在那些方面是世界歷史的轉捩點?(1960年代為討論下限)


In what ways the Second World War is the turning point of the world?


12.      就導致二次大戰 (1939-1945) 而言,討論極權國家興起及集體安全努力失敗兩個因素的相對重要性。


Discuss the relative importance of rise of totalitarianism and failure of collective security in leading to the Second World War.


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