HKDSE History歷史 2016 試題建議答案 ESSAY Q.7

May 11, 2016

【HKDSE History歷史 2016 試題建議答案 ESSAY Q.7】



‘Human-made disasters usually lead to new policies and developments.’ Elaborate on this statement with reference to one example of a human-made disaster from your History syllabus.


(1) 短評

  • 學生應先定義何謂「人禍」(Human-made disasters),例如可定義為人為造成的問題以致國家倒退 (Problems made by human being which cause the downturn of a country)

  • 小心題目的「新」(new) 字是關鍵字,若要證明是新的政策及發展,必須把新的政策與舊的政策比較證明是新。

(2) 答題格式

(3) 本文選取毛澤東發起的文化大革命作為「人禍」並解釋如何導致新的政策及發展 (I choose cultural revolution which was caused by Mao in 1967 to 1977 as a human-made disaster to explain how it leads to new policies and developments


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