DSE歷史科 History 2017 試題建議答案 DBQ Q.1 英文版

April 22, 2017


【HKDSE 2017 DBQ Q.1 English Version】


Q.1 (A) (i) Infer from Source A one anxiety among the Hong Kong people about the future of Hong Kong. Explain your answer with reference to Source A. (3 marks)


Anxiety: Hong Kong would be ruled by China after being returned to China in 1997


Clues: The percentage of people hoping to maintain current status was 70% and only 3% wanted to be ruled under China’s administration.


Explain: It proves that most of the Hong Kong people wanted to remain the current political situation and worried about the administration under China after 1997.


Q.1 (A) (ii) Did the anxiety you inferred in (a)(i) still exist in 1990? Explain your answer with reference of the development of Hong Kong up to 1997. (2 marks)


The anxiety in (a)(i) still existed in 1990.


Clue 1: ‘Difficulties and challenges we face bravely’ or ‘overcome darkness’


Explain: The songs encouraged the HK people to face the ‘darkness’ bravely, which proves that the HK people still worried about the dark political situation.


Clue 2: From the lyrics: ‘I am extremely reluctant to migrate overseas’


Explain: Sam Hui tried to encourage the HK people not to immigrant, which proves that the trend of immigration overseas was very serious in 1990s


Q.1 (B) ‘The question of Hong Kong’s future enhanced Hong Kong people’s political awareness.’ Do you agree? Explain your answer with reference to Source A and B, and using your own knowledge of the development of Hong Kong up to 1997. (7 marks)




Source A: The statistics in Source A reflects that 70% HK people wanted to remain current situation and 15% wanted to be become a trust territory. It proves that the talks between China and Britain on HK future encouraged the HK people to consider different political developments after 1997, which increased their political awareness.


Source B: The song tried to encourage the HK people to face the political situation bravely. It reflicts that the song contains political content and message, which indirectly increased HK people’s political awareness.


Own knowledge:


1. Since HK people worried about their future, they wanted British government to implement more democratic reforms. For example, first direct election by geographical constituencies was held in District Boards in 1982. In 1991, the Legislative Council implemented the first direct election, 18 seats were directly elected.


2. HK people supported some organizations to fight for freedom, democracy and other interests for them. Therefore, DAB was established in 1992, The Liberal Party was set up in 1993, The Democratic Party was set up in 1994.


3. Since returning to China was decided after 1984, HK people paid more attention to the political development in China. For example, around 1 million people organized demostrattion after Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.


4. HK people also paid attention to the constitution after 1997 so they supported some political representatives to draft the basic law.






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